Roblox : Roblox DOORS Walkthrough – All Monsters & How to Survive Them

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Roblox DOORS Walkthrough – All Monsters & How to Survive Them

Following the success of The Mimic and Apeirophobia, another horror/survival-style experience has joined the Roblox platform—DOORS. In this experience, players must maneuver throughout, and ultimately escape, a haunted hotel by sneaking, sprinting, solving puzzles, and, most importantly, evading various chilling monsters. If you’re brave enough to venture through this experience and are looking for a guide on surviving all these monsters, you’re in luck! Continue reading below to learn all there is to know about these unique entities.

All monsters in DOORS and how to survive them

Guiding Light

Image via official DOORS wiki

Guiding Light serves as the experience’s narrator/guide, assisting players through portions of the hotel by using glowing blue particles to point them in the right direction. If a player is stuck in a Dark Room, or even a normal room sometimes, for more than 20 seconds, Guiding Light will enlighten the next door in an attempt to keep them moving. During Seek’s running sequence, Guiding Light will make itself most prevalent, highlighting the correct path in which players need to follow to survive. Hidden keys will also be lit up if it seems as though players are having trouble finding them.


Image via official Doors wiki

Rush is one of the first, if not the first, entities players will encounter in The Hotel. When Rush spawns, the lights in multiple rooms will flicker, and you’ll hear a distorted growling sound—this is your sign to hide! You can avoid Rush by hiding in a vent or closet or crawling under a bed. If you fail to find a hiding spot before Rush speeds by, you will die on contact. Once Rush has passed, all the lights in the rooms it ran through will be broken, but you can continue toward the next door without fear of its return.

Sometimes, Rush will cause the lights to flicker without actually spawning. In these cases, watch your back and continue toward the next door.


Image via official Doors wiki

Each time that Rush is set to spawn, there’s a very low chance that Ambush will spawn in its place. Like Rush, Ambush will make the lights flicker, create a distorted noise before it appears, and run through all of the nearby hallways/rooms. Unlike Rush, however, Ambush can run through these rooms up to six times. The best strategy for surviving Ambush is to hide in a closet when you hear its presence, step out of the closet when it disappears, and repeat this process until it fully disappears. Staying in the closet for too long will spawn Hide, so it’s best to leave and re-enter.

Ambush is also exceptionally quicker than Rush, so be sure to complete the steps above at a quick pace!


Image via official Doors wiki

For those who find comfort in hiding when the going gets scary, Hide is here to ruin your day. This figureless entity spawns when players have spent too much time hiding under beds or inside vents or closets. If Hide deems that you’ve been hiding for too long, your screen will begin to turn red and flash the words GET OUT, and your pulse will progressively increase, growing louder and louder by the second. If you still refuse to leave, Hide will eventually kick you out of wherever you’re hiding and lower your health by 40%. You’ll then be blocked from hiding again until a timer cooldown finishes.


Image via official Doors wiki

Similar to Rush and Ambush, Halt makes its presence known by flickering lights. Unlike these two entities, however, Halt doesn’t immediately appear after the lights flicker. Instead, it spawns behind the next numbered door that players open. Upon opening this door, players will enter a dark hallway only illuminated by Halt’s glowing blue eyes.

To escape Halt, run down this hallway and out the door at the other end. As you travel down the hallway, you’ll need to keep an eye out for flashing words, specifically Turn Around. When Turn Around appears on your screen, immediately turn your camera/character and walk in the opposite direction, or simply walk backwards. You’ll need to repeat this process, turning around and walking forward each time the prompt appears, until you successfully make it through the door at the end of the hallway.

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If Halt makes contact with you, you will take 60 damage.


Image via official Doors wiki

As you move from room to room, opening doors as fast as possible, there’s a chance you’ll run into a purple glow—this is Eyes. After a few seconds, a 36-eyed entity will spawn from the purple glow and will deal 10 damage to anyone who looks at it. To survive Eyes, simply maneuver out of its area while looking at the floor, ceiling, or walls. Basically, look anywhere but at it!


Image via official Doors wiki

If you find yourself walking through a numbered door and into a pitch-black room, you may need to look out for Screech. This entity will make its presence known by whispering a quiet « pst »—when you hear this sound, turn your camera behind you as fast as you can and look directly at Screech. If you look at it in time, it will scream loudly and jump at you but deal no damage. If you fail to look at it in time, however, it will scream and jump and deal 40 damage.

Having a light source, such as a flashlight or lighter, will lower the chance of Screech attacking in a dark room.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Snare is one of the most infuriating entities in the entire hotel, so it’s a good thing it can only be found in The Greenhouse! Once you’ve made it to The Greenhouse, Snare will plant itself somewhere in the grass, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. If you accidentally step on Snare, you’ll be trapped in place for three to four seconds, unable to escape from the Rush or Ambush that’s likely on its way, and damaged 10 points. Having a flashlight or lighter that you can use to look for Snare is imperative in The Greenhouse!


Image via official Doors wiki

In terms of attack damage, Jack is a harmless entity. In terms of psychological damage, however, that’s a different story! According to the official DOORS wiki, Jack has a 1/20 chance of appearing in closets, and a 1/2000 chance of appearing behind numberless doors. When this entity does appear, it serves as a mere jump-scare and does no damage to the player. The more closets that you open, the more likely that Jack is to spawn behind one of them.

Once Jack disappears, the closet or room it appeared in will be enterable again.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Shadow is essentially just the rarer version of Jack, as this entity cannot harm the player and only aims to scare them. Each time the door to a new room is opened, there’s a very, very small chance (roughly 1/1,200) that Shadow will appear, releasing an exceptionally loud shriek when it does. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot this entity for a split second before it disappears, but most players just hear the noise and never catch an actual glimpse.


Image via official Doors wiki

Another « basically » harmless entity is Timothy, the hiding and jump-scaring spider. Each time you open a drawer, there’s a 1/200 chance of being jump-scared by Timothy, who will jump onto the player’s screen, take 5 HP, and then disappear.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Similar to both Timothy and Jack, Window is a harmless entity whose only purpose is to startle the player. This entity cannot be interacted with or triggered in any way—its appearance is completely random and doesn’t affect the gameplay at all. Every time lightning strikes outside the hotel, there’s a small chance that Window will be smiling at players from, you guessed it, outside a window. When lightning strikes again, the entity will disappear.


Image via official DOORS wiki

In multiplayer servers, Void only « attacks » those who stray away from the group, though it doesn’t actually deal any damage and simply teleports them near the other players. If everyone on your team stays together, you shouldn’t have to worry about running into Void.

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Image via official DOORS wiki

A patch has been added that makes it so that Glitch will appear in solo servers if the experience itself fails to load the next room. Before this patch, users who encountered this bug while playing would be forced to end their run, losing all of their progress and leaving the server. Now, with the new update, players who encounter this bug are instead met with Glitch and teleported a few rooms ahead to try and combat the bug. When this happens, you shouldn’t lose any HP.

El Goblino

Image via official DOORS wiki

Looking for a nice place to relax in the midst of door-opening chaos? Pull up a chair next to El Goblino and stay a while! This friendly entity is located in the room after The Library and can be spoken to upon interaction, which makes it one of the most peculiar entities in the entire hotel. Not only does it appear harmless, it is harmless, offering no damage or even a jump scare to the player. After interacting with El Goblino a handful of times, it will eventually stop responding and simply look at you.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Where there’s an El Goblino, there’s a Bob! Bob is a friendly entity who, upon interacting with it multiple times, does nothing and says nothing, at least not while non-entities are around. Bob enjoys sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to its best friend, El Goblino, talk about anything under the sun. Life is simple for Bob, and it seems ok with that.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Jeff is a friendly, non-damaging entity who works at the mid-hotel shop and provides players with a variety of items that can be purchased with Gold. In game, all that can be seen of this entity are its glowing eyes, though it’s been revealed that Jeff has long tentacles that it uses to restock the shop’s inventory when it gets low, thanks to the PLS DONATE booth inspired by it. After a purchase is made at the shop, Jeff’s eyes will light up, showcasing its assumed happiness to help the player.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Added with the long-awaited Hotel+ update, Dupe is a mischievous entity whose main goal is to cause the player confusion and then strike when they least expect it. As you maneuver throughout the hotel, you may reach a room that has two numbered doors inside of it, rather than the usual one. When this happens, be sure to enter through the door that makes sense chronologically—for example, if you just walked into room 31, and you see two doors waiting for you (32 and 33), enter door 32, not door 33. If you enter the doors out of order, skipping over the right door, Dupe will jump out and attack you, knocking you over and taking a portion of your health.

Make sure to keep track of where you’re going and look back if you need to!


Image via official Doors wiki

Seek is one of two entities that have more than one guaranteed appearance. Players will encounter Seek the first time between doors 30 through 45, then again sometime between doors 80 through 95. Before Seek spawns, players will begin seeing unsettling eyeballs on the walls around them.

Eventually, walking through a numbered door within the ranges mentioned above will cause Seek to manifest from a pile of slime on the floor. After a brief cut scene, Seek will begin chasing players down a long hallway and through multiple doors. As you run, keep an eye out for white sparkles—these will direct you along the correct path.

As you maneuver through the various hallways that Seek chases you down, you’ll come in contact with certain obstacles that require you to crawl or slide under them. To do this, press C or Shift as you approach the obstacle. Also, be sure to avoid the fallen chandeliers and slime-covered hands—touching the chandeliers will take 40 HP and the hands will kill you automatically. If Seek catches up to you, you will also insta-die, so look out for those sparkles!

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Once you reach the end of the final hallway and enter the next room, the door behind you will close in Seek’s face, trapping it outside.


Image via official Doors wiki

Likely the hardest entity to avoid, Figure is a blind entity that uses its incredible hearing to detect nearby, and sometimes even far away, players. To survive Figure, crouching and moving slowly is crucial. Players will encounter the Figure twice, once in room 50 and again in room 100. If players are attacked by Figure, they insta-die.

If you notice Figure coming toward you, hop into a nearby closet, if you can, and hide. As it approaches, a QTE minigame will appear on your screen that requires you to either click or press a pattern of specific buttons in a short amount of time. If you complete this minigame successfully, Figure will leave the area, giving you time to make your escape.

All secret monsters in DOORS/ROOMS and how to survive them

Though these next three entities can only be found in the DOORS spin-off « experience » ROOMS, I figured I would include them in this list anyways, so their information can be found below.


Image via Roblox ROOMS wiki

A-60 works very similarly to Rush or Ambush and is a strong, speed-based entity. It can appear in six different versions, all of which feature a deformed bloody smile and bright redish-black eyes. Unlike the speed entities from DOORS, A-60 does not have any kind of visual queue that warns the player of its presence. Instead, you’ll need to keep an ear out for a buzzing sound; when you hear it, jump into a locker as soon as you can and wait for it to pass by. There’s a chance of encountering this entity starting at door A-060, and then every door that’s opened from then on.


Image via Roblox DOORS official wiki

This entity is one of the strangest in all of DOORS/ROOMS, as it doesn’t announce itself with a jump scare, but can still be just as heart-pumping when encountered. A-90 has a chance to appear in any room after A-090, and will make itself known by placing a small logo of a black and white, disturbed-looking face somewhere on your screen. When this logo appears, pay attention to it—as soon as it changes from the face logo to a logo of stop sign with a hand on it, you must stop dead in your tracks and resit all movements, even with the camera. After a few seconds, the face will disappear and you can resume moving. If you fail to stay still, A-90 will attack you and deal a hefty amount of damage, if not kill you.


Image via official DOORS wiki

Like A-60, and in turn Rush and Ambush, A-120 is a speed-based entity that has a chance to attack the player anytime between doors A-120 and the end. It also goes by the name « Squiggly Smile, » referencing its child-like visuals. When this entity is on its way to attack, you’ll hear a loud drum-like sound, which should be your cue to find a hiding place as fast as you can. If this entity reaches you before you can hide, you will die instantly, so try your best to keep your ears open.


That’s it for this guide on how to survive every monster/entity in DOORS. Let me know in the comments below which one you think is the scariest, or which one is your favorite!

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